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How do we get started

Call or email me to set up your first appointment and ask any questions to determine if we're a good fit.

Here are some of the questions I may ask: What brings you to therapy? Have you ever had therapy before? What are you looking to get from therapy? 

How often will we meet & how long will therapy last?

Therapy sessions are scheduled weekly and last approximately 50 minutes. Meeting weekly, especially in the beginning is important because it can take a few sessions to establish a relationship and get to know one another. From there, we can determine how often we'll meet based on your needs.

My approach is insight-oriented, meaning that therapy generally is longer-term. I have worked with people as little as three months and over a period of years. However, the length of time you commit to therapy is up to you and your goals. 

How much is therapy & how do I pay?

My rate is $200 per session. I offer a sliding scale based on a designated percentage of my practice for qualifying individuals. I do not work with insurance panels, however I can provide you with a monthly super bill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Contact your insurance provider to inquire about super bill reimbursement. 

I accept cash, check, or Venmo.