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Art Therapy

Sometimes there are no words. Just images. Some of us think in pictures, colors, and sensations, and we may struggle to translate our inner experience into nouns and verbs. This is primarily because images come from the right hemisphere of our brain and language comes from the left hemisphere. The "bridge" between our hemispheres (known as the corpus callosum) allows for integration of our right/left brain processes. Unless we have serious brain damage, we all have this bridge.


While some of us prefer the vehicle of verbal expression, some of us speak in images, metaphor, movement, sound, color... Even if we're comfortable with words, visual aids can be powerful for conveying and understanding ideas, concepts, feelings and experiences.


Research shows that traumatic memories are stored in the right hemisphere of our brain- where we do not have the language to process it. This means that accessing and processing that trauma effectively sometimes requires non-verbal processes. 

Art therapy can an incredible tool to access the experiences, memories, and visions that we just can't put into words. Sometimes retrieving our inner images can be enough. Sometimes we will use the images to verbally process your experiences, feelings, thoughts, actions... Creating art is therapeutic: at times it can be relieving, joyful, painful, emotional, and ultimately it can lead to great insight and healing. 

I am a Registered Art Therapist through the Art Therapy Credentials Board. If you're looking for an art therapist in Los Angeles, or you simply want to have art therapy available to you in the larger context of therapy, I hope you'll contact me for a free consultation.

Interested in Online Art Therapy? Please contact me for details.

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